Re: a health dilemma.

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Date: Tue Jan 22 2002 - 12:35:32 MST

RE: a health dilemma.The problems is in your wetware
If you REALLY wanted to quit you could, your desire to quit must overcome the desire to avoid the temporary negative effects from quitting

If you were swimming at night, in a black lake, and suddenly something huge and slimy grabbed you by the leg and powerfully jerked you under water down and down mercilessly, how bad would you want to get back to the surface, to escape?
Perhaps you need this level of resolve to quit smoking?
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  C.Morgan wrote:

  if no one here has ever touched cigarettes, than this is probably the wrong place to be
  asking, but i doubt that, and i'm not a part of any other community that is so concerned
  with health. so, does anyone have any sort of helpful advice or meme's for quitting and
  STAYING quit? even stories of how you did it would be appreciated....

  ### Have you tried Zyban (also sold as Wellbutrin)? This antidepressant has been shown to have a clear benefit for smoking cessation.


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