Re: Semper Vigilans - Re: Extremism

From: Russell Whitaker (
Date: Tue Jan 09 2001 - 19:17:19 MST

>From: "Joe Dees" <>
> >Oh, and after that: "eternal vigilance"... which takes on
> >enhanced meaning when you're an immortalist.
> >
>And you'll have to be eternally vigilant to guard against the violent >
>criminals, kids and crazies (who have the RKBA under the extreme >
>interpretation of the 2nd anendment) blowing you away for all > eternity.
> >

James was right...
you really _are_ an emotional basketcase, aren't you Joe?

What I was referring to was simply that one's rights have
to be continually exercised in light of the fact that there
will always be people - like you - who want to run our lives
for us.

I would be delighted to live in a society where the NRA,
as Chuck points out, had done its (original) advocacy job,
and all it had left to do was act as an educational (skills &
safety) organization.

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