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Date: Tue Jan 09 2001 - 19:17:27 MST

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>From: Brian D Williams <>
>Subject: Re: Semper Vigilans
>From: "Russell Whitaker" <>
>>>Then by your defination my fellow NRA members and I are non-
>>>extremists. We have a goal, a simple one. That is to see that our
>>>constitutional rights granted under the 2nd Amendment are
>>>restored and that no further infringement takes place.
>>Well put, Brian. I would have elided "constitutional", however,
>>and said "recognized by" rather than "granted under". The 1st ten
>>amendments to the U.S. Constitution are not a Magna Carta-style
>>"grant of rights" _to_ government (you know this Brian, just
>>mentioning for others) but a more of a fundamental "bill of
>>prohibitions" against certain actions _by_ government.
>I like your corrections, and while we're at it I'll spell
>"definition" correctly. "That is to see that our rights as
>recognized in the 2nd Amendment are restored, and that no further
>infringement takes place."
>>The 2nd amendment, in particular, gives teeth to the enforcement
>>of the other amendments. It's one statement recognizing RKBA as
>>_the_ fundamental civil right, without which all others are just
>How quickly they forget that.
>>As soon as all the infringements against it are removed,
>>then the goals of the RKBA organizations of which I'm a
>>member will have been met.
>>Oh, and after that: "eternal vigilance"... which takes on
>>enhanced meaning when you're an immortalist.
>Indeed there is an O'Donnel born every minute.
Take it to exi-freedom, wher you two can sing a duet to the choir, Hot Rod!
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>Adler Planetarium
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