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>> vigilance"... which takes on enhanced meaning when you're an immortalist.
>> Russell >>
>> Russell,
>> That was very good. That also takes on another meaning when one is
>> letting a anti-gun extremist know that incrementalism ain't going to work.
I am not an anti-gun extremist, but an articulate moderate, but as I wrote in my phenomenology of extremism, an extremist must label everyone who does not agree with them on every particular as either a clueless dupe or a malevolent and duplicitous shill. I guess this extremist has opted for #2.
>> BTW, I like to write romantic poetry for the lady of my life. That in
>> turn has taught me to listen to words and phrasology. Have you notice that
>> "semi-automatic has became a pejorative. It automatically conveys "beyond
>> the pale" without further explanation?
>> Consequently, it has become one of those key phrases that alerts me it is
>> about time to go to war.
>> Ron h.
>There was a funny semantic analysis of the way that the media calls any
>gun it sees now 'semi-automatic', as in 'semi-automatic revolver and
>'semi-automatic bolt action rifle', as seen in the media coverage of the
>Wakefield shooting. To wit:
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>Now now, let's not pick on the media. They're only doing their job of
>confounding and confusing the issues with words.
>The word automatic, which goes back to the Greek word automatos, means:
>"acting of one's own will, self-acting, of itself,"
>I guess that means that an automatic weapon will shoot of its own
>Holy Shit, Maynard! Start the presses! Automatic weapons have a mind
>their own and pull their own triggers! I always knowed them things was
>And the prefix "semi" means: "resembling or having some of the
>characteristics of." That would mean that semi-automatics are
>"semi-conscious" and only pull their own triggers from time to time and
>without much forethought. I find this very frightening and wonder why
>press hasn't picked up on this. I'd best go unload all of my guns so
>don't up and kill someone on their own!
Yeah, as Harlan Ellison observed: "Guns don't kill people; people kill people - mainly, with guns." One used to have to be strong, fast, devious or smart to kill. Now any weak, slow, tactless dummy can do it - to anyone else, deserving or not, in defence or attack - to one's fact, or in the back. And some folks are much more likely to - kids, violent criminals, and the clinically insane - the irresponsivility triad - which is why they should be excliuded from 2nd amendment protection - for the protection of the rest of us.
PS: do you know what the real irony is? I was just conducting a running phenomenology of extremism, and what happens? The extremists feel maligned and felt the need to conduct a pack attack, just as I have experienced here before, and just as I characterized in my analysis. Thanks for revealing yourselves for what you truly are AND making me a prophet AGAIN. Do you really think you will deter me from ceaslessly insisting that your rabid pack crawl back into your wet dark exi-freedom hole under your flat luddite retro rock and leave the thoughtful people here to discuss the future? I've had a large circle of fundamentalist christians, led by evangelist Larry Lea, loudly and passionately pray to my face for Sweet Jesus to take me, by name, then and there, because I shielded women from their picket poster attacks as they arrived to enter the clinic. Do you really think a pack of insecure progun extremist pencil-necked geeks can intimidate me online? Think back to your exper!
ience, if you can, and I'm sure you will realize better. I have posted 1200 emails here before; I will do it again, under 1200 different addies, if necessary. It is YOU who are breaking the rules here, and I will remind you of that forEVER. How's THAT for an immortalist stance?

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