Semper Vigilans - Re: Extremism

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Date: Tue Jan 09 2001 - 15:59:33 MST

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>Subject: Semper Vigilans - Re: Extremism
>Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2001 20:59:38 -0000
>>From: Brian D Williams <>
>>From: Harvey Newstrom <>
>> >Non-extremists have a goal. They pull in one direction until the
>> >goal is reached. Then they stop. They have logical criteria and
>> >stop when the objective goals have been achieved.
>>Then by your defination my fellow NRA members and I are non-
>>extremists. We have a goal, a simple one. That is to see that our
>>constitutional rights granted under the 2nd Amendment are restored
>>and that no further infringement takes place.
>Well put, Brian. I would have elided "constitutional", however, and said
>"recognized by"
>rather than "granted under". The 1st ten amendments to the
>U.S. Constitution are not a Magna Carta-style "grant of rights" _to_
>government (you know this Brian, just mentioning for others)
>but a more of a fundamental "bill of prohibitions" against certain
>actions _by_ government.
>The 2nd amendment, in particular, gives teeth to the enforcement
>of the other amendments. It's one statement recognizing RKBA as
>_the_ fundamental civil right, without which all others are just
>As soon as all the infringements against it are removed,
>then the goals of the RKBA organizations of which I'm a
>member will have been met.
>Oh, and after that: "eternal vigilance"... which takes on
>enhanced meaning when you're an immortalist.
And you'll have to be eternally vigilant to guard against the violent criminals, kids and crazies (who have the RKBA under the extreme interpretation of the 2nd anendment) blowing you away for all eternity.
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