CULTURE: Interesting Chicago Statistics

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Wed Jan 03 2001 - 08:01:39 MST

Today it was reported that in the year 2000 Chicago had 627
murders. This is down 14 from the previous year and a 30 year low.
In the increasingly integrated North side of the city (Chicago is
divided north, south, west, the east being lake Michigan) murders
rose from 20 to 39.

Tip for travelers, avoid the near south and west sides,
statistically speaking.

Note: There are no g** stores in Chicago and handg**s have been
illegal since 1982.

In adjacent DuPage county there were 0 (none, naught) murders.

Note: In Dupage county there are numerous g** stores and handg**s
are perfectly legal.

The coldest recorded temperatures in Chicago were in 1985, recorded
air temp of -27 degrees F, accompanied by a stiff breeze that day
the wind chill was -93 degrees F.

Enjoy these numbers and use wisely.


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