Re: CULTURE: Interesting Chicago Statistics

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Wed Jan 03 2001 - 13:48:10 MST

From: "Olga Bourlin" <>

>On the surface, I would guess that Dupage County doesn't have the
>problems with classism and racism that Chicago has.

Actually since I live here I can assure you both classism and
racism are even more prevalent there, than in Chicago. People move
there specifically to get away. I saw it in my former neighborhood,
and I'm seeing it in my present one.

>While your statistics may indeed be "interesting" - they are not
>"deep." There are cruelly real problems in Chicago and in many of
>our cities -warning people to stay away from the troublesome areas
>addresses survivability of the individuals to whom the post is
>being sent, but the deeper problems will keep growing until
>people/politicians show they care about the survivability of our
>disenfranchised brothers and sisters.

Actually the statistics are plenty "deep". What they are actually
portraying is a complete unwillingness by people to accept facts
that are politically unpopular.

It is when these facts are admitted to that things will get better.


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