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Date: Fri Jan 05 2001 - 07:57:12 MST


>>Brian Williams writes:
>> 1A) DuPage county has easy access to g**s and no murder/less
>> 2A) Chicago has NO/eliminated access to handg**s yet
>>murder/crime persist.
>> 3) Statistics prove both 1&2 incorrect, and support 1A&2A.
>> therefore:
>> 4) easy access to g**s has no effect on crime/murder.
>> and possibly:
>> 4A) easy access to g**s may reduce/prevent crime/murder.

>This is incorrect reasoning, because there may be other
>differences between Chicago and DuPage county. To do the test
>properly you would have to find two areas that had similar
>demographics but differed only in gun accessibility.

>(Yes, I am aware that such studies have been done, and that people
>differ in interpreting the results. I don't want to get into that
>debate. I just wanted to point out that this particular line of
>reasoning involving these two locations is not correct.)

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