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From: Harvey Newstrom (
Date: Sat Dec 15 2001 - 14:21:05 MST

Spike Jones wrote,
> Let us ask why this is happening. One must wonder what has become
> of the security crews that were on duty the morning of the attacks,
> specifically those who realized their failure to detect the
> weapons resulted

Nobody snuck weapons on board the planes. The previous rules allowed small
knives to be taken aboard. We have no idea if these were detected and OK'd
by security. Even if personnel followed all security procedures perfectly,
it wouldn't have mattered. The failure was in security design, not security

> Have any of these taken their own
> lives? Would not their quality of life approach zero? One must
> understand that every airport security crew in the world will now
> go to extraordinary measures to not become the next person who
> must live with that dreadful burden for the rest of his or her life.

The security crews were following instructions before the attacks, and they
are following instructions now. The instructions have changed due to
heightened security rules. You don't have to look for psychological or
motivational reasons for these changes.

> Terrorists might imagine the next attempt at using an airliner for a
> guided missile would require a woman, preferably a fair-haired
> blue-eyed one, to carry the weapons on board, reasoning that
> Jihad Barbie has a greater chance of actually getting the arsenal
> past the guards.
> Thus, the security crews might be extra careful scrutinizing a
> woman traveling alone. Thoughts?

A more likely explanation is that women are more likely to have a carry-on
bag to search. Women carry purses more often than men, while briefcases and
laptop computers are more evenly distributed among the sexes.

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