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Date: Sat Dec 15 2001 - 05:25:51 MST

From: Spike Jones (
>Right or wrong, the war will be over in a few days.

No Spike, the 'war on terrorism' will not be over in a few days.
This is what I find so chilling about the U.S. government's policy
and words and actions of people there I listened to the last weeks.

In my opinion, the American's response has reached beyond vengeance
into the realm of paranoia. The U.S. government only has to label
one as 'terrorist' and it's all over for that person. What is the
definition of 'terrorist' or 'terrorist network'? Who defines
'terrorism'? Is carrying a U.S. passport a license to exclude the
other humans on this planet? What is this 'war'? Is the 'war on
terrorism' a new way the U.S. government has cooked up to remove as
many of our rights as possible? Once the U.S. pushes their policy,
the other governments follow suit. How many of your/our rights have
we lost in the last couple of months?

I see many U.S. people willingly hand over their civil rights to the
U.S. government. Once you give 'a little', then certainly they'll
take more (Se le dai la mano, si prende tutto il braccio": if you
give her a hand, she takes all the arm). How can a compromise be
possible on such basic principles? How is it possible that the
free-est country on Earth can compromise on such basic principles?

I find myself in a distressing position of not having enough reasons
to return 'home' to live. The U.S.looks to me like a very unfree
place to live now.


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