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From: Rafael Anschau (
Date: Sat Dec 15 2001 - 14:19:55 MST

Autism can be thought of as a disease. I prefer to think of it as a condition.
It emerges when there are no evolutionary reasons for a person to develop
social or motor skills. The solution ? Place them in a context where THERE
will be evolutionary reasons for them to devolep social and mother skills.
I'm tired of all the BE HAPPY WITH WHAT YOU ARE crap. We can
become whatever we want, given time and an evolutionary context. The trick
is to place the person in the proper context, and let evolution do the job.


At 10:45 15/12/01 -0800, Terry Egan wrote:
> Thank you for all of the links, Eric!
> I had read the original article in the paper-tree version of
>WIRED, and I wondered how long it would be before Extropians picked up
>on it. I checked WIRED's website a couple of days ago and the article
>had not appeared; checked it again just now, and lo and behold, there
>it is.
> When I read the article, I thought it sounded like someone I
>knew; myself. I took the test and scored a 31, although I could not
>answer all the questions. I have not attempted to obtain a
>professional diagnosis, as I am not sure what good, if any, it could
>do. Oh well, I guess I'm outed now.
> Since I read the article, I have been examining my memories of
>the people I have met in my life to see if I could identify any others
>with a possible diagnosis of Aspergers syndrome and any commonalities
>they share. The ones I came up with are:
> - Computer professionals, especially ones who prefer
>interaction with machines to people
> - solitary
> - indifference to 'popular' activities such as team sports,
>religion and mass media
> So far, this sounds like a repetion of the magazine article.
>Here are the commonalities that may apply to Extropians as well:
> - Libertarian ( possibly the more 'strict' or 'radical'
>variety )
> - Science fiction readers ( the 'harder' the better.
>Broadcast SF seems like so much 'soft' fantasy to me. )
>Am I way off base here?
>Terry Egan
>"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm
>not sure about the universe. " --Albert Einstein

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