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Date: Mon Apr 16 2001 - 08:49:58 MDT

From: Travas Gunnell <>

>I'm sure this wasn't part of your train of thought in
>your decision not to buy things that are made in
>China, but here is some interesting reading:

>The Role of U.S. Companies
>In Denying Human and Worker Rights

>Made in China:
>Behind the Label

While not part of the current thread, this is an issue that does
concern me, and I vote with my wallet/moneyclip.

Thanks for the info.

>That wouldn't suprise me either, though I think that
>the purpose of such an action wouldn't be to prevent
>economic action against politically unpopular nations,
>but rather to prevent economic action against
>corporations that produce products under shitty worker
>conditions and exceedingly low wages. The WTO and
>other such organizations, after all, exist for the
>benefit of large corporations, not governments.

There are growing numbers of us that take these issues to heart. I
have long thought about starting a retail store where everything
available was "Made In America". I think these would prove far more
popular than many people think.


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