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Date: Mon Apr 23 2001 - 11:24:19 MDT

From: Eugene Leitl <>

>Particularly, tubes are extremely resistant to (N)EMP. It's an
>efficient low-tech approach to NEMP-hardening.

Yep, forgot to mention this, this is probably the primary use, with
ECM hardening second.

>Chances are we'll see use of (low voltage emitter, since nanotube
>electron emission enhanced) use MEMS-fabricated vacuum tubes for
>special purposes.

A very interesting idea.

>I wonder why they didn't have hardware self-destruct (cases lined
>with thin plastique sheets, nonvolatile storage mounted in
>thermite boxes), and had to resort to archaic (pick-axe)
>destruction methods.

Just weaving detcord through things would do a pretty good job.

This shows how much things have changed, when I was based in Japan
in '79 (Marines) I knew people who did these flights, I was under
the impression that if something happened you headed for deep water
if you still had control (VERY deep water off Japan!)

As for the on-board Marine his job was rumored to be shall we say


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