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Date: Mon Apr 16 2001 - 14:38:46 MDT


>It's a good idea, but why stop there? How about a "Made in
>Nebraska" store for Nebraskans, and similarly for other states?

<rest of satire edited for brevity>

>Hopefully the fallacy here is clear: the advantage of trade is
>that it allows people in different areas to specialize in
>different things. This is more efficient and less wasteful than
>trying to do everything locally. The wider the range of talents
>and resources available, the greater are the opportunities for
>finding the best possible match of people and production. Trade
>on a worldwide basis maximizes available resources for everyone.

I never said anything against trade, and the things you said above
only apply to FAIR trade. Exporting manufacturing offshore to
places that have little or no effective protection for the average
citizen is bad for everyone involved.

Sweatshops are wrong no matter where they are located.

>The most efficient system is one where you buy the goods that are
>cheapest, regardless of where they are produced. Anything else is
>just throwing money away. You're hurting yourself and those
>around you by boycotting trade opportunities.

It's not where they are produced, it's HOW they are produced, and
sweatshop products are harmfull to humanity at any price, no matter
how low.

I have nothing against products from other places, in fact my most
prized possession is my Swiss army knife, and pocket watch. (okay
and my gold Waltham 1867 pocket watch and Dunhill lighter)

I am arguing that a country should maintain core competencies in
the basics of life, it should grow as much of it's own food as
possible (and economical), it should produce much of it's own

I think it is a very good idea that Americans travel more, and
learn from other cultures. A pint of Guinness in downtown Chicago
is not the same as a pint in Dublin.

Exploiting third world labor to try to maintain our lifestyles is
inherently bad for us.


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