Re: Made in China

Date: Tue Apr 17 2001 - 10:06:13 MDT

You know, I sincerely hope that this compassionless guy who sees nothing wrong with foriegn sweatshops doesn't in any way represent what most extropians think. Talk about reason without emotion, geez. Some of us think that human beings have these things called rights, not just the ones in the first amendment, but also ones like liberty, the pursuit of happiness, etc.

  I'm sure you think that's very backward and overly-romanticized of me to say that. But I think people deserve to have a chance to do more than the same tedium over and over all thier lives, always at the mercy of thier employers if they say anything or disobey. I mean, isn't that why the west abandoned serfdom and industrialized agriculture, so we *wouldn't* have to work our asses off all the time just to survive?

    Grow a heart, for pete's sake.

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