RE: human evolution and artificial birth

From: altamira (
Date: Fri Jun 30 2000 - 19:08:27 MDT

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> And while were discussing women, I've a hypothesis that says perhaps women
> would be a better focus in the attempt to spread the Life
> Extension/Immortality meme. Wonder how most ladies would respond to the
> choice of aging gracefully or not aging at all.

Yaaaay!! Whatever it is, I'll take ten of them! I've found that each decade
I've lived has been better than the one before, and so far the old body's
held up great and works about as well as it did at the age of 25. But I've
always sort of dreaded getting to be 80 or 90. The additional wisdom will
be wonderful, but I wonder if I'll have the stamina to enjoy it! Even with
plenty of exercise and sleep and peace of mind and joy and mental
stimulation, stuff eventually wears out. I'm hoping that anti-aging
technology keeps up as I grow older.



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