RE: human evolution and artificial birth

From: Corbally (
Date: Fri Jun 30 2000 - 18:39:31 MDT

Zeb Haradon wrote;

>Another possibility along the same lines and more widely suggested, is that
>males will eventually be useless as women breed through cloning.

But it would also mean that men could reproduce without women, perhaps
making women "obsolete" for breeding. Neither gender would need the other,
and in the case of Homosexual couples, they might rather not have the
involvement of the opposite gender. It's funny, but I've noticed that when
such ideas as the "uselfulness" of a particular gender come up in the
media, it invariably seems to be the men who are assumed will go the way of
the dodo. It might well be the concept of gender that does the dodo, not
the actual gender.

I'd say it would lead to increased freedom for women, certainly giving an
improved standing as they may not been seen as "baby making machines" any
more by those who would hold such opinions. The idea that "women are only
good for making babies" might end up being viewed as a very very funny old
concept. It might be seen that they are far more effective teachers,
politicians, carers, leaders than they are incubators.

As for places such as Afghanistan, women there might be denied it in order
to try an maintain "control" of them, forcing them to go through the pain
and risk so that they "know their place". I hope for radically improved
social conditions there before this becomes available.



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