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>> I wouldn't at first. While I agree that in vitro wombs make excellent
>> sense (once the technology is developed far enough) *rationally*,
>> childbearing is an intensely emotional, (dare I say it?) spiritual and
>> socioculturally enmeshed affair that radical changes of it will at
>> best take time.
>As someone who has given birth, I'd go for the artificial womb in a
>heartbeat (and I'd reccommend it to my daughter as well, if she wanted to
>have babies), if I could be sure that the child weren't missing out on any
>important aspects of development. Thinking of the research done on baby
>humans and non-human primates who were deprived of nuturing bodily contact
>during the early parts of their lives, I predict that the period in the womb
>will turn out to be significant for the child.
>Breastfeeding is another thing entirely. I wouldn't want to give it up. I
>found it to be a delightful, sensual experience and, from what I hear from
>mothers who use bottles, far easier to deal with than artificial feeding
>methods. And apparently it's emotionally good for the babies as well. But
>breastfeeding does not require giving birth.
> In many
>> > cultures, female children are not valued as much as men
>> children.
>Well now, those cultures may just be...No! I'm absolutely NOT going to
>start this particular conversation!
>Good bye all,

Once I'd explained the concept of the artificial womb (AW) to my wife, she
thought it was an excellent idea; Would be safer, allow women more freedom
during "gestation" time etc... Then again, my wife isn't too fond of the
idea of giving birth, so maybe she's biased! Still, women know very well
the meaning of the motto "Work smarter, not harder". I think many would go
for it, except perhaps for Religious Fundamentalists.

The strange thing is I don't believe the whole AW idea has been seriously
considered by 99% of women. Then again, many people don't seem to realize
the Genome Project has been doing its work for 10 years!

I guess that if women were to find that it removed only the hassle and not
the joy and closeness of childbirth, then they'd happily accept it. I
think it'll be a matter of "a woman's right to choose". Some things never
change, eh?:)

And while were discussing women, I've a hypothesis that says perhaps women
would be a better focus in the attempt to spread the Life
Extension/Immortality meme. Wonder how most ladies would respond to the
choice of aging gracefully or not aging at all. Perhaps it would negate
the pressure to conform to some physical/emotional ideal. It would
certainly prove a healthier role model than many of the distorted images of
the female form women seem to be constantly subjected to, esp. in the
fashion industry. Think about it; An independent woman who knows what she
wants, with millenia to achieve greatness of any kind she desires. They
would have all the time they needed to do every one of the things their
mothers never got to do.

Or maybe I'm talking out the top of my skull.....


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