Re: More Green Party

From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Wed Jun 28 2000 - 00:38:25 MDT

Various extropes got alarmed:

>>If the US moves towards many of the Green Party
>>provisions, I guarantee there won't be decent medical care here.

>I'm sure you're familiar with the clinton proposals for a national health
>care plan.

I thank Marx every day that I live in Australia, because with my slum
background I would have been dead and maimed a number of times over if I'd
had to depend in childhood on my parents' income to cover my health. (As it
is, my dentition is in fairly awful shape (despite late and expensive
repairs), as we don't have universal dental cover.)

>>I have a
>>friend who got pneumonia when she was in Moscow and had to go into a
>>hospital there. <the horror, the horror >

Yeah, yeah. Stalinism isn't anyone's model of a good society.

I love the way such topics (from a non-US perspective) go instantly
hysterical with fear & loathing. Might do many people on the list some good
to spend some time in other First World nations where we do things
differently (yet haven't ended up in an immiserated Gulag).

[incredibly irritated by the recent Australian govt introduction of a Goods
& Services Tax that will almost certainly impact the poor more than the

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