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Date: Wed Jun 28 2000 - 10:24:32 MDT

>From: Damien Broderick <>
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>Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 16:38:25 +1000
>Various extropes got alarmed:
> >>If the US moves towards many of the Green Party
> >>provisions, I guarantee there won't be decent medical care here.
> >I'm sure you're familiar with the clinton proposals for a national health
> >care plan.
>I thank Marx every day that I live in Australia, because with my slum
>background I would have been dead and maimed a number of times over if I'd
>had to depend in childhood on my parents' income to cover my health. (As it
>is, my dentition is in fairly awful shape (despite late and expensive
>repairs), as we don't have universal dental cover.)

If socialist programs like these were limited to the care of children who
cannot take care of themselves, I wouldn't complain about it at all, but we
all know that "but what about the children?!" is traditionally just the

> >>I have a
> >>friend who got pneumonia when she was in Moscow and had to go into a
> >>hospital there. <the horror, the horror >
>Yeah, yeah. Stalinism isn't anyone's model of a good society.

I doubt that Bonnie's friend was there while Stalin was in power.

>I love the way such topics (from a non-US perspective) go instantly
>hysterical with fear & loathing.

So do I.. I just wish people would fear and loath it more.

>Might do many people on the list some good
>to spend some time in other First World nations where we do things
>differently (yet haven't ended up in an immiserated Gulag).

Make a list of the 5 technical innovations which you feel most vastly
improve your life.
Now next to each one, write where they were invented.

>[incredibly irritated by the recent Australian govt introduction of a Goods
>& Services Tax that will almost certainly impact the poor more than the

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