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>But most economists would not call Australia or Canada socialist, and would
>call the United States (and Japan) mixed. Japan has a ministry of
>technological development, remember, although I don't know what MITI has
>involved in. And much of the United States' advantage (besides size and
>having wars fought on its own soil) comes from the university system, which
>receives quite a lot of government support.

I'd call Japan "state capitalism". I think it works because of the very
statist culture there.
I'd call the US a mix between state capitalism and a free market, depending
on industry (utilities are free market) with some socialism thrown in
(postal service, some aspects of medicine), but with the highest degree of
free market.

>The Internet was a military research project, remember, and funded by DARPA
>and university money for a long time. The New Economy has its roots in

Its roots, yes. But I think these roots could have sprouted elsewhere, and
we'd still have something similar to the internet today if not for it,
possibly evolving from BBSs.

>More generally, if you ask for inventions confined to the 20th century,
>of them will come from nations without economic restriction, if you let
>include tariffs, high income taxes, and safety nets.

Mistake on my part. I should have made clear that I was referring to a
general but clear negative correlation between economic restriction and

>And size isn't insignificant. Saying the US produces more inventions than
>Canada and Australia isn't surprising. We do happen to dwarf the
>of any other Western nation.

I bet the results would be the same if you adjust for population.

>Note I'm not arguing that socialism works or that markets are bad. But
>simplistic black-and-white labelling gets my goat.

Unless referring to the rare thing which really is a black-and-white issue,
I always try to quantify my statements appropriately. Maybe I left it out
too much in this post.

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