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Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 07:55:22 MDT

Mike Lorrey wrote:
>... I must say that for any of you guys looking for hot intelligent
>hetero women, the GOP is the place to go. I met more fine fine women
>at GOP wingdings than just about anywhere. responded:
>Can I throw up now? Mike, whatever possesed you to say such a thing in a
>public forum, where anyone can just look up the archives
>have you no sense of respect?

Lee Daniel Crocker then responded:
>What, we should be looking for ugly dumb lesbian tree-huggers? then responded:
>I really can't even express how hurtful and mean that is. ...
>I find this so statement so EMPTY headed, nasty, sexist, bigoted,
>unenlightened, uninformed, abusive, crude, harsh ...inferior of thought ...
>You obviously own not one shred of respect for women, men, for the list, or
>for yourself.

KPJ <> commented:
>Interesting how the belief that the body and its cravings must be repressed
>has so permeated the Western societies, even among the Extropians. ...

Natasha Vita-More wrote (sarcastically):
>I like the guys who rev-up their engines ... grunt really, really loud.
>... really hot guys ... Don't matter to me if they like politics and stuff.

Bonnie cheered:
>Woo Hoo! Thanks, Natasha, for the best laugh I've had all day!

This has been a fascinating exchange, divided so far exactly on gender lines.
The women are appalled, and the men don't see what the problem is. Here is
my (admittedly male) interpretation of the positions:

Men: "I hear that you say you are offended, but that shouldn't count until
you can articulate more specific complaints. What is the problem with
saying what we all know is true, that men seek physically attractive women?"

Women: "We shouldn't have to explain; if you cared about us the fact that
we are offended should be enough. Surely you know that it is considered
offensive in our society for men to publicly imply that many women are not
up to their standards, especially physically."

Men: "But women commonly and publicly say that most men are not up
to their standards of success, wit, aesthetics, intelligence, etc."

Women: "Yes, of course, it is admirable to publicly admire people for
these qualities. But it is terrible to publicly reject ugly women.
Enough! If you ever want sex again you'll stop talking about this."

Men (to themselves): "But this is biased toward the qualities that women
tend more to admire, relative to those that men tend more to admire."

Evolutionary Psychologist: "Yes, but that makes sense because the
evolutionary function of conversation was more for men to woo women
than women to woo men. Conversation is more about men showing they
have qualities that women admire, and that they aren't just trying to
bed any women they can. (See Miller's `The Mating Mind')."

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