Re: Many selves (was Diaries (was: Re: The Pause that Refreshes))

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 20:03:21 MDT

KPJ wrote:
> It appears as if <> wrote:
> |> I was once a Democrat.
> |
> |There's a somewhat facetious saying: if a young man is not a liberal,
> |he doesn't have a heart; if an old man is not a conservative, he doesn't
> |have a brain. This may correspond to Robin's suggestion that people
> |naturally change over the years for biological reasons and not, as it
> |seems, that they are learning what suits them best.
> Somebody has said that you can go from being a radical, over moderate
> and conservative, to become a reactionary, without changing a single
> opinion in your entire life.
> Anyways, some people actually start as reactionary ...uhm.. conservative
> and move the other way to become some kind of anarchists at the end.
> Would they have a different kind of DNA or something?

Thats essentially how I've been. After my 15 minutes as a Red, I was a
staunch Young Republican up until age 23 or so, even met George, Neil,
and Dubya Bush, Al Haig, William Colby, John Sununu, Judd Gregg and Bob
Smith. I was then libertarian with republican sentiments, and am leaning
more toward anarcho-capitalism now. I must say that for any of you guys
looking for hot intelligent hetero women, the GOP is the place to go. I
met more fine fine women at GOP wingdings than just about anywhere.

Mike Lorrey

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