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From: Sarah Lawrence (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 11:06:07 MDT

At 9:55 am -0400 on 13/6/00, Robin Hanson wrote:

>Lee Daniel Crocker then responded:
>>What, we should be looking for ugly dumb lesbian tree-huggers?
>This has been a fascinating exchange, divided so far exactly on gender lines.
>The women are appalled, and the men don't see what the problem is.

Well just to throw a spanner into the works of that theory, I think
Damien and a couple of other men were right, and that it is a
misunderstanding. I have not bothered to say this because it has
already been said by several people and the whole discussion of the
comment is meta discussion, which I happen to think spoils Lists.

Oh, and I think that it is usually a mistake to get offended even
when people are being boorish. If one can avoid such bad states of
mind, by not requiring for one's happiness that someone else (or
men in general, say) behave a certain way, that must be a good

>Evolutionary Psychologist: "Yes, but that makes sense because the
>evolutionary function of conversation was more for men to woo women
>than women to woo men.

Sounds like junk sociobiology to me. 8-)

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