Re: Pig comment.

From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 10:04:59 MDT

> Women: "We shouldn't have to explain; if you cared about us the fact that
> we are offended should be enough. Surely you know that it is considered
> offensive in our society for men to publicly imply that many women are not
> up to their standards, especially physically."
> Men: "But women commonly and publicly say that most men are not up
> to their standards of success, wit, aesthetics, intelligence, etc."
> Women: "Yes, of course, it is admirable to publicly admire people for
> these qualities. But it is terrible to publicly reject ugly women.
> Enough! If you ever want sex again you'll stop talking about this."

Desiring intelligence in a mate is every bit as shallow as desiring
beauty; both are mostly genetic but can be improved with work. I
happen to like both. The really important trait that is entirely a
matter of choice is moral values, and that's something you can only
learn with time, but even there heuristics can be useful. I'd never
expect to find someone who shared my values at, say, an abortion
clinic protest.

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