Levels of consciousness

From: Martin Ling (martin@nodezero.org.uk)
Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 10:07:17 MDT

Considering, somewhat simplistically, levels of consciousness as put
forward by Oakley (1985).

Simple awareness;

(reflexes, classical conditioning).

Found in simple nervous systems and in subcortical structures in more
advanced systems.


(complex learning, reasoning, memory).

Found in advanced nervous systems with developed limbic system and


(self-image, self-concept).

Found in nervous systems with highly evolved cortex structures (humans,
other primates [& dolphins?])

I noticed this discussed, with the (mainly implicit) suggestion made
that self-awareness is the highest [possible] state of consciousness.


- whether you agree.

- if not, the next one or more levels might be.

- whether the first addition should be the state in which one recognises
  the higher levels [may] exist.

- or perhaps, more generally, the recognition that one's viewpoint may
  be (or, more accurately, *is*, wrong or at best incomplete).


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