secondhand smoke

From: Forrest Bishop (
Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 12:02:07 MDT

Not long ago
our scientists reported back
from the farthest reaches
of their instrumented sight
that the Universe has no center.

There may have been one all of time ago,
if so it was annihilated by its own creation.

Now, every point in space is equally valid, just as
any point on a plane can be chosen for the origin.

The place where you are, for instance.

As you look out from that center, the eye
returns this validation:

The things close to the center appear much larger,
things far away recede to the vanishing point.

The death of someone close to you
is a life-shattering experience.

One million deaths out over the horizon may
give you pause, but you could not have known
they had been born.

Secondhand smoke takes precedence
over secondhand genocide.

Forrest Bishop
Interworld Productions, LLC
Institute of Atomic-Scale Engineering

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