Re: The Pause that Refreshes

Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 10:15:07 MDT

Mike writes:
> Yes, there are purely sensory changes, for example, as a little kid I hated
> mushrooms, beans, and broccoli intensely. I did not mind vegetablies in the
> general sense, just the taste of those. Today, I rather enjoy mushrooms and
> broccoli, though string beans are still unacceptable for me. Same thing with
> beer, my tastes in beer have drifted from the light ales and lagers down to the
> browns, porters, stouts and bitters. Guinness is like the nectar of the gods to
> me. My taste in wine has developed similarly.

I wonder if this might be due to loss of taste sensitivity. I notice
as I get older (I am 44) that many sensations are less intense, both
painful and pleasurable. I hardly notice getting shots at the doctor's
office any more, but when I was a kid they were agonizing.

The mushrooms in your example don't fit the pattern, but the others do
seem to show a transition from mild flavors to more intense ones.


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