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<< Whether one considers that difference a big one surely depends on whether
  subscribe to the etatist philosophy or not. A "Father beat me almost to
  but we are still a family" kind of world view will make the offspring still
  not abandon the family. I understand that kind of Stockholm syndrome appear
  in many families where a drunkard beats the wife and kids regularly. That
  not make the drunkard less a fascist, of course. >>
This one is not really even comparative, unless you consider firing squads
and medical experiements comparative to imprisoning. Its not a Stockholm
syndrome, the Japanese Americans successfully sued for property taken and
there were scads of decorated veterans. Not to be irritating, but are you
deliberately x-ing out history because you disagree with my premise. Both
Bergen Belsen and Manzinar had guards and barbed wired; but outside of that
premiere ugliness; Japanese-Americans did not wind up dead in ditches or up
smokestacks. A better comparison would have been African American slavery or
the annihilation of the Plains Indian.

<<So Extropians equals Nazis for people who don't like extropianism for some
reason (ideological reasons, most probably). Extropians would not call them-
selves nazis.>>
The ZOG v COG thread came not from me. Its obvious that the ZOG phrase taken
from the stomach-Turner Diaries is what someone apparently buys into. So
somehow, Jews get bundled into Environmentalists, Christian Fundamentalists,
as "enemies of Extropianism?" Bullshit. This is always the excuse "envy" or
what have you. I have heard it all before, excuses ladden upon excuses. I
hold that that particular group just simply is the canary in the coal mine,
and there's a hint of methane circulating down here, my little miners. Maybe
that methane emminates out of some nazi-wanabe's ass?

<<Maybe. OTOH the fact that Karl Marx said he was no Marxist did not stop
the onslaught of the Communists, did it?>>

If Marx was young and virbrant and denounced Lenin as a head of a
murderous, thug government; it would have surely isolated Lenin
internationally even with other commies, as well as all world socialist orgs
at that time-especially labor unions. Look at what happended when the CCCP
lies finally were disbelieved by the people-adios Soviet Union.

Concluding: If all Extropianism were to end up being another Aryan
Supremacist figleaf (I am hoping that it ain't!) then it'll collapse as such
under scrutiny of its purported intellectual conceptualizers. Example: back
in the 70's and 80's Lyndon Larouche was pimping Nuclear Fusion as the
ultimate answer, eventually the few plasma physicists got out, after
realizing the true intent of Lil' Lyndon. It didn't get him anywhere. The KKK
likes to do highway cleanup in Missouri, in an attempt to appear mainstream.
People who do pickup truck death dragging will not convince anyone either.

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