Re: The Pause that Refreshes

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 09:19:56 MDT

Amara Graps wrote:
> From: "altamira" <>, Mon, 5 Jun 2000
> >Surely the discovery of a new pleasure is no less delightful when it
> >comes due to a change in perspective than when it happens for any
> >other reason. Studies in evolutionary psychology and so forth are
> >interesting, but I can't see that such theories justify the statement,
> >"This sounds an awful lot like you are just changing as you get older."
> I know. I don't agree with Robin's statement either. *Many* factors in
> one's life could bring about large changes in perspective, which can
> lead to discoveries of new pleasures.

Yes, there are purely sensory changes, for example, as a little kid I hated
mushrooms, beans, and broccoli intensely. I did not mind vegetablies in the
general sense, just the taste of those. Today, I rather enjoy mushrooms and
broccoli, though string beans are still unacceptable for me. Same thing with
beer, my tastes in beer have drifted from the light ales and lagers down to the
browns, porters, stouts and bitters. Guinness is like the nectar of the gods to
me. My taste in wine has developed similarly.

I think with age you learn, sometimes through negative experiences, sometimes
through positive ones, that patience, observation, deliberation, and long term
commitment are as important as dexterity and decisiveness. It took me until I
had my own first business the importance of doing your homework, as I basically
got through school on tests alone. I thought that everything had to be done NOW,
that you need to use other people's money to capitalize big launches, etc. This
may be possible for some, but not for me. I don't have the stomach for the kind
of con job carnie act you have to pull to bring that sort of thing off. My
integrity means more to me than that, and I don't like high stress environments.


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