Re: We must kill God

From: Ralph Lewis (
Date: Thu Feb 15 2001 - 19:37:25 MST

What inalienable rights, as G B. Shaw said the English are absolutely free,
free to do what the laws and public opinion permit!

We need a new much more comprehensive Bill of Right to begin with. Perhaps
California Prop 36 is a start.

Best Ralph

At 02:06 AM 02/16/2001 -0000, you wrote:
>I agree with all of this somewhat, I'm stuck with this, where do we get our
>justification for the existance of our inalienable rights?
>help me out here, do we just throw it out or what?
>Because people are stupid and would rather have other think for
>themselves.Especially when the religion tells them they are weak and any sin
>goes as long as they accept some god.
>Also I think from knowing some fundys there may be an underlying depression
>or perhaps some malfunction of the triptamine system since many of the
>behavior and defense mecanisms resemble DMT or other altered states. Just an
>observation. It would be interesting to have PET scans of the very religious
>(independent of religion) and "normals"
>Best Ralph
>At 11:15 PM 02/15/2001 -0000, you wrote:
> >Have read with interest recent postings on
> >neo-luddites and anti-progressive forces,
> >chief of whom seem to be the reactionary
> >christian fundamentalists in USA.
> >
> >Post-human (extropian) society will not
> >emerge until old human-era supernaturalism
> >is defeated. God may be dead, but won't lie
> >down until we put our (scientific) ideological
> >stale right thru his (fictional) heart.
> >
> >M.V.T. offer us the edge, how to kill this
> >mythology, from which evils such as
> >monogamy and religious oppression stem.
> >The reason is that MVT refutes the possibility
> >for "disembodied consciousness" .... which
> >underlies al the claims for existence of
> >supernatural entities. Sure, we can evince
> >seemingly "supernatural powers" ... but by
> >purely natural means and explanation.
> >
> >I find it horrific that "creationism" (wot a joke,
> >why not Ptah creating the world on a potter's
> >wheel?) is taught and given credibility in
> >so called 'modern' publically funded educational
> >institutions, both in Europe and the UK. Are we
> >just as stupid as the Taliban?
> >
> >
> >Enlightened Posthuman
> >
> >
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