Re: post-singularity teenage sayings

From: Ross A. Finlayson (
Date: Thu Feb 15 2001 - 20:30:23 MST

Dale Johnstone wrote:

> I'm really sorry, I just couldn't resist it...
> Another Seven Signs of the Singularity:
> 1) Short-term femtotrading is frowned upon by daytraders.
> 2) TV ads are every other scanline. Youth attention-span is now measured in
> pixels.
> 3) Your telephone answering machine gets an answering machine to take calls
> while it's down the pub.
> 4) The gunk under your fridge is uplifted and gets a place of it's own.
> 5) The half-dozen remote controls in your living room develop a collective
> and assimilate all the other appliances in the neighbourhood, forming one
> giant entertainment cube. They leave your CDs though.
> 6) The same version of Windows is now released every week. It still requires
> 80% of your massive harddrive and still takes over 3 minutes to boot up.
> Security patches are released daily.
> 7) GM turnips form a biotech company and sequence their own genome.
> Cheers,
> Dale Johnstone.

Ha ha ha ha!

That was pretty funny.


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