Re: post-singularity teenage sayings

From: Dale Johnstone (
Date: Thu Feb 15 2001 - 17:42:36 MST

I'm really sorry, I just couldn't resist it...

Another Seven Signs of the Singularity:

1) Short-term femtotrading is frowned upon by daytraders.
2) TV ads are every other scanline. Youth attention-span is now measured in
3) Your telephone answering machine gets an answering machine to take calls
while it's down the pub.
4) The gunk under your fridge is uplifted and gets a place of it's own.
5) The half-dozen remote controls in your living room develop a collective
and assimilate all the other appliances in the neighbourhood, forming one
giant entertainment cube. They leave your CDs though.
6) The same version of Windows is now released every week. It still requires
80% of your massive harddrive and still takes over 3 minutes to boot up.
Security patches are released daily.
7) GM turnips form a biotech company and sequence their own genome.

Dale Johnstone.

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