Re: We must kill God

From: Mikael Johansson (
Date: Fri Feb 16 2001 - 00:27:39 MST

> What inalienable rights, as G B. Shaw said the English are absolutely
> free to do what the laws and public opinion permit!

The 'inalienable rights' would be those quoted in the (I suppose it is) US
Constitution? (Being non-US citizen as I am, I'd need a bit of context help

> We need a new much more comprehensive Bill of Right to begin with. Perhaps
> California Prop 36 is a start.

California Prop 36? What does that cover (as I stated above, I'm non-US
citizen, with bad coverage of US legal politics ;-)

> Best Ralph

I probably still go with a rather na´ve approach, and a philosophical
crystallization is one of the main things on my agenda, but so far, I have
one major ethical _AXIOM_:

* Every individual is entitled to do anything e wishes as long as it does
not infringe on any other individuals integrity.

In this, the 'inalienable' right not to be shot dead at a street corner is
covered, as well as the 'inalienable' right to morphological freedom...


// Mikael Johansson

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