We must kill God

From: Steve Nichols (steve@multisell.com)
Date: Thu Feb 15 2001 - 16:15:25 MST

Have read with interest recent postings on
neo-luddites and anti-progressive forces,
chief of whom seem to be the reactionary
christian fundamentalists in USA.

Post-human (extropian) society will not
emerge until old human-era supernaturalism
is defeated. God may be dead, but won't lie
down until we put our (scientific) ideological
stale right thru his (fictional) heart.

M.V.T. offer us the edge, how to kill this
mythology, from which evils such as
monogamy and religious oppression stem.
The reason is that MVT refutes the possibility
for "disembodied consciousness" .... which
underlies al the claims for existence of
supernatural entities. Sure, we can evince
seemingly "supernatural powers" ... but by
purely natural means and explanation.

I find it horrific that "creationism" (wot a joke,
why not Ptah creating the world on a potter's
wheel?) is taught and given credibility in
so called 'modern' publically funded educational
institutions, both in Europe and the UK. Are we
just as stupid as the Taliban?

Enlightened Posthuman

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