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>>Also I think from knowing some fundys there may be an underlying depression
>>or perhaps some malfunction of the triptamine system since many of the
>>behavior and defense mecanisms resemble DMT or other altered states. Just
>>observation. It would be interesting to have PET scans of the very
>>(independent of religion) and "normals"
>I think you might be getting the cause and effect backwards. I have noticed
>the same link, but I assumed it was religion which was causing the
>Another possibility is that they both stem from the same cause: The
>inability to think objectively, make a decision, and take the best action
>will lead to depression. It will also lead to fundementalism, so there will
>be a link between the two.
The urge to transcendence, or what Freud called the 'oceanic' feeling, or what Otto called the 'numinous', could be hard-wired into the brain (of some more than others, of course) in order to facilitate group cooperation, which would confer a group reproductive advantage. This is, of course, independent of the actual existence of a santa-in-the-sky. Check out:

And follow the link to the Wired article.

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