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Date: Thu Feb 15 2001 - 16:15:13 MST

I took a trip to PETA's website (which is pretty and very nicely done) but
couldn't find a single instance of an alternative use of the lives of
domesticated animals. Should we let them go free? I seem to remember a
story about a group of eco-terrorists in France who released a whole bunch
of minks (or similar critter) from a fur farm. The poor things promptly ran
away right into traffic where a bunch were killed. Can you imagine what
would happen if we set pigs free to roam the forrests?

Aside from pictures of pretty celebrities telling us to keep away from
leather, I didn't see much of anything substantive. I'm not particularly
comfortable with having to kill other creatures for food and clothing - I'd
much rather get that from nano-Santa - but I can't see any humane
alternatives. Of course, come to think of it, Nano-Santa will probably
spell the end of domesticated animals as well, except perhaps as zoo
curiosities - "Look mommy! A *cow*!!!!! Wow!" "Yes, Billy, we used to kill
those and then eat and wear their flesh..." "Ewwwww, mommy, that's gross!"

Why spend resources on something that you don't need?

Poor cows and pigs and goats and chickens. I'll miss you all! *sob*

Next Mission: Get Alicia Silverstone and Prince to do PR for Zyvex!

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> You're not the only person to point this out. A Burlington, VT school
> principal got in hot water recently with parents and the local dairy
> industry when she caved into the demand of ONE PETA member demanding
> equal space to put posters next to the 'Got Milk?' posters
> that detailed
> all the alleged health problems associated with milk
> consumption (while
> curiously not mentioning all of the health problems
> associated with lack
> of dairy consumption). Rather than put up the PETA posters, the school
> board originally decided to take all the posters down, then
> the Governor
> got into the act, who told PETA to stuff it.
> PETA is for the genocide of domesticated animals of all kinds
> (individual members may not take it that far, but that is the party
> line).

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