Re: META: Watch the subject lines, people!

From: Robert Owen (
Date: Fri Feb 11 2000 - 19:33:03 MST

Sasha Chislenko wrote:

> If we have to hide such mundane topic as s*x in our _internal_
> correspondence because it brings a _possibility_ of _mild_
> inconvenience (instead of just facing the reality with some
> openness and whatever tiny bit of courage is needed here),
> then how can we deal with the *outside world* on much risker
> issues?

Perhaps this doesn't have to be volatile censorship issue. One
can think of many treasured paintings which, if the focal point
or center of interest were shifted somewhat or magnified slightly
out of proportion, would incite the Blue-Noses to an orgy of

I'll use the current example: if "sex" is what we are talking about,
then the use of that term is appropriate. If the modification of
human genitalia to enhance and preserve the erotic experience
for those companions whose shared lives are otherwise rewarding,
then we are really talking about something else, and the word
"sex" is not "offensive" but simply contextually irrelevant.


Robert M. Owen
The Orion Institute
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