RE: META: Watch the subject lines, cowards!

From: Sasha Chislenko (
Date: Fri Feb 11 2000 - 21:50:10 MST

I would like to tell people who may not know this,
that every single one of them appeared in the world
as a result of sex, and so did their kids and parents,
and that each of these people has genitals physically
attached to them at all times. This doesn't offend
anybody; neither does it offend any young of any species
to see any sex or nudity - let alone symbolic references
to existence of sex and genitals that everybody is
already aware of - until they are brainwashed by the
conservatives. And as always, in the conservative
ideology, those who might break the boundaries and
lead the children away, are called "Perverted Corruptors
of the Young".

"The Young" are much more interested, and open, to experiments,
than older people. If older people try to play with your enhanced
genitalia (or brains, anything else) behind the cowardly closed
doors, the youngsters will take over the tools, do a lot more
in the open, and let the old farts - those hating the change as
well as those secretly playing with it - rot in their respective

This always happens. Millions of kids readily embrace new freedoms,
music, entertainment, drugs, technology, etc. Separation of the
adults just splits the society. You can't possibly chalenge your
young more than they challenge themselves. You can just lose
your last chances to connect to them, understand the new wave,
and pass something of your own. The paranoid "protection of the
young" in U.S. just strengthens this schitzophrenic social separation.

It more and more looks to me that people over 30 can still develop
some useful technology, but are - with the rarest exceptions -
unable to take advatage of it. It's not the life extension,
or health, or enhancements. Millions of 40 year olds who were
supposedly struggling for freedom in the communist world - or
anywhere else - still have enough health to dance techno, play
videogames, experiment with sexual roles, lead anarchist
movements and otherwise push all envelopes - and show the way
to their children. How many of them do? And how many of those
who do just engage in verbal fantasies, and hide even symbolic
references to things from the young, "to protect them".

Do your young masturbate? Do you not talk to them about it?
To protect them? From what?!

You have to start taking real steps and real risks to break
the boundaries, or you will be among the majority of old farts
who will just fertilize the soil for the next generation -
and not the easy soil to grow on...

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