RE: META: Watch the subject lines, people!

From: Sasha Chislenko (
Date: Fri Feb 11 2000 - 18:17:11 MST

I woudn't have to hide this subject line from my kid...

If we have to hide such mundane topic as s*x in our _internal_
correspondence because it brings a _possibility_ of _mild_
inconvenience (instead of just facing the reality with some
openness and whatever tiny bit of courage is needed here),
then how can we deal with the *outside world* on much risker

You are big boys and girls already, you should not hide from
parents anymore with printed word "sex". And you should have
brought up your own kids to be free (otherwise, why the hell
did you produce them?). And you should program the mail
filter to recognize the extropian list.

And prepare to exhibit a lot more courage than this if you
ever want to get anywhere.
Will you hide all the hedonic body mods, uploading, and all
the other stuff, from your conservative moms, kids, and neighbors?
Or do you expect that someone else will work to flex their
worldviews? Who exactly do you think it should be?
Or you want your parents (and kids?) to die before you can
speak freely? And are you sure that your *kids* can't handle
the topic of sex? Or maybe, it's you?

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