POLITICS: Pollitical Correctness & XMAS Gifts

Chris Hind (chind@juno.com)
Thu, 26 Dec 1996 12:00:14 -0800

Recently my father went to the store to purchase a box of Legos for my
little brother who has recently become interested in the Cowboys & Indians
theme but we found no indians. Sure it's pollitically correct to take out
the Indians because they were slaughtered by the white men but thats not
the point! It should not hold back private industry in any means. I'm not
sure if Lego was taken to court to have the indians removed but if so this
shouldn't be. A while back during the coldwar I played a game called
Russian Attack where you were an American going around mowing down russians
with a machine gun. While politically incorrect nowadays that shouldn't
limit a product from being put on the marketplace. Remember freedom of
expression isn't for protecting the words we like, it's for protecting the
words we dislike (I got the quote right, right?). Would you try to stop a
Lego set that was a little Nazi camp with miniature gas chambers or is that
censorship even if the product sold? The question is: are you conservative
or should the free market have it's way. In protection of freedom of
expression I might allow a lego set like that to thrive on the market even
though I wouldn't personally agree with it. There is a VERY fine line here.

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