Re: SOCIETY: The Quiet Revolution

Chris Hind (
Thu, 26 Dec 1996 12:00:10 -0800

>Unfortunately hype quickly produces "memetic antibodies" - a reaction
>always ensues, since by definition hype consists of a lot of rather empty
>promises and the results are seldom as good as the hype. So people become
>dissatisfied, and turn in the *other* direction, at least for a while.
>A typical example is the Internet hype, after the first wave it became
>fashionable to be luddite.

Yes but this backlash is only temporary until the idea "leaders" begin a
new hype.

>Interesting thought: there will be a lot of millennarian groups predicting
>the End of the World around the millennium = hype. What will the reaction
>be when nothing happens? This might be the right moment to really move
>into the open and say "We have an INFINITE future!".

Great opportunity and we could kill the great religious memes once and for
all by making our appearance at the correct moment in conjunction with the
approaching singularity where religions will not evolve fast enough to keep
up with scitech and will appear more and more irrational and illogical
making people flock to us rather than them. When that happens look for
Extropians being labeled with AntiChrist and satanic memes. Max More the
AntiChrist! Which will cause even more people to flock to us because we
have been labeled "Taboo".

"Some people dream about worthy accomplishments while others stay
awake and do them."

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