Re: POLITICS: Pollitical Correctness & XMAS Gifts

Chris Hind (
Thu, 26 Dec 1996 21:39:47 -0800

Eliezer wrote:
>That, sir, is not true, and I hope you remember this little chat when
>you find your car tires filled with peanut butter.

>Do I qualify? I see the Holocaust as a horrendous tragedy, and if
>someone smaller than me made a joke about it, I'd punch his lights out.

>Yes, I would try to stop it. So would a few hundred million other
>people. Everyone employed by Lego would quit en masse, any store
>carrying the toys would be boycotted, and doctors would refuse Lego
>stockholders medical care. There wouldn't be enough left of the company
>to burn in effigy.
>And as long as we're discussing Political Correctness, I'd like to
>remind everyone that:
>"Liberals aren't morons - they're cognitively challenged

Boy, Eliezer are we just a little bit violent lately? Perhaps a little too
much holiday candy? Shew!

"Some people dream about worthy accomplishments while others stay
awake and do them."

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