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John P. Satta (
Thu, 26 Dec 1996 02:46:18 -0500

I found the following web site

It is a small shareware company producing a product called LifePlan which
they describe as follows:

"LifePlan helps you to define your dreams and ambitions, and then helps you
to set the daily goals that lead you to achieving them. LifePlan helps you
to 'project manage' and live a great life!"

In addition they have a group of short articles that covers the following

Techniques to Help You Think Excellently:
Problem Solving Techniques & Analytical Methods
Information Skills
Improving Your Memory
Increasing Creativity

Skills for High Performance Living
Mastering Stress
Time Management Skills
Achieving ambitions with Goal Setting
Planning Skills
Motivation & Winning Attitudes
Communication Skills
Leadership Skills
Fitness & Health

Practical Psychology
Interpersonal Psychology
Management Psychology
Sports Psychology
Psychometric Tests

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