(Fwd) COM-PRIV: Request for JAVA Application

my inner geek (geek@ifeden.com)
Wed, 25 Dec 1996 23:17:19 +0000


I must warn you, I am very non-technical at times, so please excuse
me if my knowledge of Java is quite limited, and my UNIX skill-level
leaves much to be desired. Please keep you vocabulary to a sixth
grade level when responding to this post.

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Subject: COM-PRIV: Request for JAVA Application
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Date: Wed, 25 Dec 1996 23:10:16

From: my inner geek, Independent Consultant
Subect: Request for Web Contact Tracking/Visualization Tool

REQUIREMENT: Graphical Application to play back site visits
represented by visual objects displayed on a geographical map of the
North American continent.

I suppose the geographical data could come from zip code databases, or
be translated into approximate GPS coordinates collected from zip
code and county databases.

This should be a JAVA application, be resolution independent (for
display on any Web browser), and exploit hardware-accelerated

HTTPD access logs can be visualized as temporal patterns. These
temporal patterns can be associated with causal factors, such as
advertising, promotions, and public-relations activities, for purposes
of automated apaptive marketing campaigns.

This tool may also be adapted for networking monitoring applications.

Also, if there are representative images of domain names, these
should be pre-cached for visualizations of contact activity.

The application should also include nonlinear audio/video sample
playback, with the ability to attach multimedia comments (URLs), to
the segments.

my inner geek