Thu, 19 Dec 1996 22:50:34 -0500 (EST)

Gracious thanks to all who responded to my query about productive habits,
whether it was for my benefit or not. In either case congrats on
contributing to the overall extropy of the universe!

I noted some common themes:
*write stuff down
*take it with you
Points taken.

John Satta mentioned the Franklin A, B, C, ranking system. This sounds
very similar to a system I devised some months ago, but never implimented
b/c it was to cumbersome. I've been inspired to revise it.

Something of particular interest is David Musick's suggestion to practice
switching tasks instantaneously. I've already began working on this
one. Today I worked on chemical synthesis problems left over from my
organic chem class in the darkroom. The cytoskeleton lab I work in has a
print processing machine in the darkroom that allows me about 90 seconds
to work on synthesis after I expose the print. The first triesys look
promising. I've even christened the skill 'Turbo Switch'!

Mark Crosby mentioned trend tracking with his HP. I don't have an HP,
but I do have graph paper and three colors of pens (I need more). For
most of the semester that just ended (this idea didn't strike me until
after my first round of exams), I tacked my study time for each of my
classes, as well as jam time on my guitar. I haven't yet crunched any
numbers, but I hope to find some correlation between study time, jam
time, and class performance. I will, however, have to take it with a
grain of salt, as it was not a scientific investigation.

I've got almost a month before classes start again so there will be much
time to extrope!


Michael Bowling