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Chris Hind (
Mon, 23 Dec 1996 23:44:45 -0800

>> I agree with that. The others are just tag-along freeloaders! Yeah right,
>> like they should have the honor of sharing our credit. We earned it while
>> most countries sat on their asses.

Oh come on! Please don't tell me that you are one of those people who would
rather stay down here and help people before going out into space cause
I've got news for you buddy! Going out into space will allow the creation
of technologies to support more people and generate more food and solutions
to population problems. We earned our status, lets not give it away like a
bunch of socialists! We Are Libertarians! (Sorry, I just couldn't help it)

>Chris, what do you mean, "*We* earned it."??! You didn't do a damn thing to
>help anyone get on the moon; You weren't even born yet. I think we can
>safely put you in the tag-along freeloader category, for trying to take
>for what certain people did, who happened to live on the region of land you
>call your country. What you just did in your comment is no different from
>other countries taking credit for getting to the moon since people from
>planet got there, even though they weren't personally involved.

Uhh, you're right but I'm feeling a bit patriotic at the moment. Besides, I
should credit the entire generation of people who helped hype up the space
race to allow the landing. Without hype, nothing usually ever gets
accomplished. You NEED media hype to stir up action and motivate people. In
blatant anarchy people always rise to power to lead the masses. There must
always be a king of the mountain aka leader in the area of fresh new ideas
not necessarily having power but often does acquire it.

"You cannot discover new oceans, unless you have the courage
to lose sight of the shore"

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