Re: Programmed Ignorance, Uploading & Speed Limits

Chris Hind (
Mon, 23 Dec 1996 23:51:29 -0800

>A world which can fabricate uploads will look drastically different than
>our current one. I'd consider the delta to be at least as large as
>between a neolithical village, and modern Manhattan. Should future things
>even slightly follow predicted dynamics, we will see some wildly
>improbable things happening. Few days ago, I've picked up a nice SciFi
>novel. It is called "Particle Physics and Astrophysics", and it is
>quite outdated, since published in 1989. If you are tracking IT progress,
>and remember how leisurly things used to happen back then, in 1983, or
>so, the dynamics of end-1996, at least for me, are at times frightening
>(also, quite depressing, but that is another story). But we ain't seen
>nothing yet! How's that for frightening?

Explain further. I'm also unfamiliar with what IT means.

><< Yeah but if you don't augment yourself fast enough you'll be left behind
> and archaic and eventually become incompatable with the operating system
> and die. Also uploaded beings with more power and processing speed will be
> able to augment faster than you and be many times more creative and
> intelligent than you and thus discover anything new in any material you
> could possibly have access to before you get there and thus never be able
> to climb the tree.>>

And you don't think that people won't be greedy for processing power?
Processing power will be the new currency. See can't get rid of Capitalism!
You can't beat spontaneous orders and evolution! They ARE life and WE are

>At that point you would be confined to engaging in activities the poor of
>today cannot. I'm talking about the wonderful virtual realities envisioned
>for uploads. The capital required to maintain such worlds for slow AIs would
>be a fraction of the GNP of the upload community. You could think of it as a
>brighter version of today's welfare money (insignificant really) being spent
>on drugs (what those who have nothing meaningful to offer do).

It would be just as computers are on the net today. People with slow net
access won't have access to richer information because the multimedia bogs
down their connections so their perception of time will just get slower and
slower while people with more processing power will just get faster and
faster. In an uploaded realm, the only method is blanket socialism which
must be programmed in before we enter the uploaded realm. It's a different
world. Capitalism will destroy the system. Also socialism could work in an
uploaded realm and you could have intelligent agents designing and creating
newer better faster processors and increasing the processing speed and
being the engineer side while we kick back and relax and be the artistic
creative side.

>The trend was started when organisms began communicating. It has become more
>pronounced with the development of cellular technology. Many religions dream
>about it (become one with God/Heaven/Universe sort of thing). This rapid
>communication is why I support the view that Tipler's Omega Point will be one

I can agree to being one brain cell in a brain composed of many but not all
brain cell/people being merged into one cell.

"You cannot discover new oceans, unless you have the courage
to lose sight of the shore"

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