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Tue, 24 Dec 1996 08:36:48 -0800 (PST)

On 23/12/96, Chris wrote:

>We Are Libertarians! (Sorry, I just couldn't help it)

Who do you mean by 'we'?

>Without hype, nothing usually ever gets accomplished.

Prove it.

>You NEED media hype to stir up action and motivate people.

Prove it.

>blatant anarchy people always rise to power to lead the masses.

Prove it.

>There must always be a king of the mountain aka leader in the area of fresh
>new ideas not necessarily having power but often does acquire it.

If you believe that, why are you on this list? If you believe that
there must be a leader, then you are inevitably saying that there must be
followers. One of the underlying pillars of libertarianism is the idea of
non-serviam: I Will Not Follow. When certain facets of a philosophy are
lost or forgotten, the philosophy in question has a tendency to fester. For
example: Marx's ideas of communism were different from the way communism was
later perceived; hence the difference between Marxism and communism. What I
(and many others) have been seeing on this list lately is a transgression
from extropy to some varied ideas on a cultish 'progress' movement relying
on media and irrational radical conformism. Not something I would like to
be part of, thanks. People who have been on the list for years are starting
to leave...and I'm sad to say that I can't blame them. When I read a post
such as this, the exact words that enter my mind are: "What the Hell are you
talking about?" The bottom line is that I am not the only one who feels
this way.

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