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Michael Lorrey (
Tue, 24 Dec 1996 13:56:59 -0500

Sean Morgan wrote:
> >I agree with that. The others are just tag-along freeloaders! Yeah right,
> >like they should have the honor of sharing our credit. We earned it while
> >most countries sat on their asses."
> The Canadian version of the history of the Apollo program is that a lot of
> the design work was done by expatriate Canadians thrown out of work by the
> cancellation of the Avro Arrow jet fighter program. So who is trying to take
> the credit?

I've seen many projects which started out as Canadian research programs,
ran out of funding, then came begging to one or more US Military depts
to continue funding. These include the Avro Disk program, Dr. Gerald
Bulls various gun projects (which culminated in Iraqs supergun), and a
few others.

Most of the "expatriate" Canadians referred to as working on the Apollo
were actually former Germans who had worked on the V2 program during the
war (or their students), as were most of our best rocket scientists, as
well as the Russians best as well. So you could say that credit belongs
to the Third Reich for having the foresight to fund rocket research to
the extent they did. If you look at the source of the knowledge used and
built on by the Nazis in rocketry, you will find that they got all their
best ideas and advances from the patent papers of one man: Dr. Robert
Goddard of Worcester Massachusetts. The peak funding he was ever able to
muster here was a $50,000 grant from the Guggenheim Foundation, at the
instigation of Charles Lindbergh. During the war, all the US military
was interested in him for was creating and perfecting the bazooka


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